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Unable to send or receive Accountant's copy files

This problem mainly come inside QuickBooks 2012 or later versions.Accountant's company format is-.QBX,QBA,QBY and the service responsible for this functionality (ACFT) Accountant's Copy File Transfer service.

Got to know information-
According to Quickbooks service discontinuation (Disco) policy.Since all these products are  obsolete. And this functionality is depends up on the Add-ON of the software,so those Add-On's are also not active anymore, the services ACFT also comes under Add-On.
Alternative to send and receive accountant's copy .
    Accountant copy will be created without using transfer services,and how?
    1. Click on File->Accountant's Copy->Save File
    2. Select accountant's copy->next
    3. Set the dividing date then -> next
    4. Select location->save file->save
    5. Its going to give you two options Provide Accountant's copy transfer file (.qbx) to your accountant via email, FTP(Google Drive,Dropbox)       send changes back to the client without using the file transfer service.
If you want to use Transfer Service then upgrade for latest version.

How to send change Accountant copy to your Client.


     Open accountant copy within->choose File->Accountant's Copy->View/Export changes for Client
     Check changes.

     You can use (+) and (-) so check the changes in more detail.

     If you want check in detail about changes Expand All-Collapse All

     If you have made any changes to see choose changes Click on Refresh after opening View/Export Changes for client window.

     You will see link in the type column just click on this too check changes.

     Add a note for your client

     Click print to get print copy of changes then save as pdf.

     Just check go to file->view/export changes for client

     Just go through the list and check what all changes you want to export.

     Click->send changes to client
     You will see your email address,in the client's email address.

     There is an option to get notifications about change just click and enable is it.

     This way your client will also have notification for not changing .

     Step for your client place changes File->Accountant's Copy->client Activities->Import Accountant's change from web.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If your are facing issue during importing QuickBooks online.


Error description


                              We are sorry but we cannot export your data.

                               Unfortunately, we encountered an error uploading

                               your data to QuickBooks online.

                               Error: we are sorry but before you can import QuickBooks

                               QuickBooks desktop data, please delete all employees already in

                               QuickBooks online.


Root cause :            When quick book online detects that you have activated payroll feature

                                features  include-E-services enrollment, Direct deposit enrollment, billing hold.



Troubleshooting steps will be different for windows and Mac both.


                                 Windows users:

                                                          This happens when your QuickBooks desktop QuickBooks payroll is off

                                                           and it's active on online.

                                                           And how can you check that just follow these steps-Edit->Preferences->Payroll & employees->Company Preferences tab

                                                           or else on your windows computer you can press CTRL+K key.

                                                           this also happens when you don’t have any payroll active.

                                 Mac users:         The error could be payroll does not exist within Mac QuickBooks.

                                                            You are not allowed to export Mac file to QuickBooks online company, if it has existing payroll information.

                                                            Just go ahead and create new online company file.



                                     There will be to options if you already have payroll feature active

                                      you just need to go ahead and create a new QuickBooks online account.

                                      Just go ahead and import your desktop data into the new account.


                                     Second case if you don't want to create a new account and you did n't active E-Services.

                                      So need to follow these steps Edit->Preferences->Payroll->Company Preferences tab->select the fill payroll option

                                      Now go ahead and create dummy employee and paycheck

                                      just in case if you don’t want to overnight previous information.