How to fix Quickbooks Error -6000,-301  1844-556-6315

Quickbooks Error -6000,-301

This error comes when you restore your Company file from USB drive.

 Description of Error- Error -6000,-301

                      An error occurred when Quick books Tried to Access the company file.Please try again.
                      If the problem persists, contact intuit technical support and provide then with the following error codes
                      -600,-301.Click the details button fr more information to provide intuit technical support  to help diagnose the error

                      This error code also appear.
                      Error code -6000, -301 bad connection handle used
                      Bad connection handle used for internal database error 


                      This error can be fixed  by change the file location.
                      Copy that file manually from USB and paste on your computer.
                      Or you just go ahead and rename that file.That's how you can fix.
                      Our just upgrade the version of Quick books .
This issue is very easy to remove so just follow there steps .
And don't forget tell your feedback on 1844 556 6315