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About QuickBooks Error 3371
This error is related to the Quick books Company file.
 And this error will show you message not bale to to download licence related information.

Or probably it will say not able to initialize license properties.


   Since you software is not able to acquire are licence related information then should have your licence 
   If you don't have that information that locate that on CD.
   If you don't have cd Either then the next step is just got license and Code look up.
   All you have to do just enter your business telephone number which is restricted with intuit.
   If you don't remember that next option is MY Account login using your registered Email account and password.
If still id dint work then Follow these steps.

   Log out from Quickbooks.
   Windows Key+R>
   Then type-Quickboks Enterprise 2015-C:\program data\intuit\entitlement client\v8
             QuickBooks Enterprise 2014-C:\program data\intuit\entitlement client\v8
             QuickBooks Enterprise 2013-C:\program data\intuit\entitlement client\v8
   Just do right click.entitlementdatastore.ecml>Delete.yes

Then open you quick books an register it again,If still it didnt work then
   Download Quickbooks company file Diagnostic toll and run .